Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thing 23!

The final step... What do I think... Hmmm... At this time... I am keeping Springpad, 511MN, Flipboard, Zite, Duolingo, B-Rhymes and Appsgonefree.  I already had Zinio, Overdrive and Pinterest which I love!  I still have Aviary, Word Warp, & Word Collapse but unsure as to whether I will keep.  Finding 7 apps I like is pretty good.  This also encouraged me learn how to set up a blog.

On the other hand, I found difficulties with several of the suggested apps in getting them to work or do much other than be a sample.  Quite a few  simply didn't suit me. Yes, it was good to have a resource of apps to try but I felt I "Had" to try at least one Thing each time and some just didn't interest me.

I enjoyed talking and sharing with my co-worker who is also doing this but I didn't go into any of the blogs after the first couple of weeks... Just didn't take the time.

I appreciate the time, work and research that went into creating this program and I say "Thank You!"

All in all... A good experience... But...Would I do it again???  Probably not.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thing 22 of 23 Mobile Things

Apps Gone Free is pretty cool.  I've not yet tried any of their free apps but it does look interesting.  I love a good deal... Especially a free deal.  This is something I will check often.

Thing 21 of 23 Mobile Things

FREE-FOR-ALL... Three of my all time favorite FREE apps are... (1) Pandora... Free Music with an occasional advertisement.  I have selections for Big Girls Don't Cry, Celtic Thunder, Disney's Children music, Iz (Hawaiian), Soulful Stride, Mozart and more.  Quickly and Easily covers all my musical moods!  Can't imagine a world without music.  (2) Pinterest... I check the "board" several times a day!  Gets my creative juices flowin'!  I collect information for food, gardening, art, camping, home decor, raising chickens, travel, knitting, crafts AND KID STUFF FOR THE CHILDREN'S LIBRARY! ;). (3) Fairway HD.... Solitary with a gopher and golf... Very addicting. :}

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thing 20 of 23 Mobile Things

GAMES, GAMES, GAMES... Let the GAMES Begin!!!  What can I say... I Love Games!  I downloaded WORD WARP and WORD COLLAPSE.  These two are pretty Good... Actually... addicting!  I especially enjoy games like these that help improve my mind... And hopefully... My spelling!  I may "need" to download a couple more of the suggested apps!

Thing 19 of 23 Mobile Things

I chose to download Spotify.  It's alright... I did find Tabata music and saved...otherwise... Not so much... I LOVE PANDORA for music... So easy and wonderful music.  Just not interested in the other suggested apps for #19.  This might be something I can ask kids at the library to help me with... They need to be given opportunities to teach what they know and love.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Thing 18 of 23 Mobile Things

Duolingo!  This is Great!  I have always wanted to learn Spanish... Tried a couple of home study courses but this is the best I've seen!  It have audio, pictures, word selection, type your words, microphone... And works on simple levels... AND FUN!  I experienced loss of audio but I have learned HOW TO FIX LOSS OF AUDIO ON IPAD... Go to SETTINGS, GENERAL, ACCESSIBILITY, TURN ON THEN OFF MONO AUDIO.  That should do it!  And... Duolingo offers French and several other languages!  AND... You can set it up to be available off-line.  LOVE IT!  I think I will post this app at the library for the kids also.

I'm debating about downloading B-Rhymes Dictionary.  I love poetry... Plus... Next month is Poetry Month.  This could be helpful to encourage the kids at the library in writing poetry.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thing 17 of 23 Mobile Things

511MN is a very good app! In the past I would go on-line to MN511 to check road conditions before traveling.  On-line is slow... This app is fast and I find it quite helpful.  "It's a Good Thing"!